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Change your mind to change your life!

 Probably is not our life what we would like to change, but the way we see things in our life. 

it sounds crazy! 

But I also thought fitness was about exercising and eating plain foods. How in the world would that be a lifestyle? 

Of course! I love to exercise and training  is part of my life, but my life is every moment and I knew I wanted to make it something I own, not something I have to chase. 


"A girl knows her limits, but a wise girl knows she has none."

Marylee Monroe


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To lose weight we need a calorie deficit.
Calories make up our macronutrients, and counting macronutrients is all about understanding how they are made.
Building muscle is all about progression (better technique)
nothing is possible without consistency.
To do it without feeling like you are doing it, but with the passion of being so close to look like you have dreamed before.
It's not only about how you look, but how you feel that makes you look.
My 12 weeks program is designed to help you achieve your dream physique and keeping it. I give you mental freedom; something like if you are not doing it, but you're getting those results. Being Fit will be your second nature!
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Free yourself from dieting. How to count macros and understand nutrition!

Free yourself from dieting. How to count macros and understand nutrition!

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