January 6, 2020

Why do we build muscle?

Making long story short-

I wanted muscle because I wanted to grow my legs and booty, and I also wanted to lose some fat from my stomach. 

I knew I couldn’t add fat to my gluteus or legs because as when losing weight we do not choose where to lose t...

December 20, 2019

Well as we know we have macronutrients, our body’s requirements to make our living functions to function.

From my own experience, I restricted carbohydrates for so long. Well maybe it wasn’t that long, because at the time I started noticing the changes I was having in m...

November 20, 2019

Let's talk about cardiovascular exercise

How it can help us reach our fitness goals:

 cardiovascular system:

Our heart and blood vessels job to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the tissues in our body. 

Our system has already a function

How can we use cardio in fit...

August 2, 2019

Ser una persona fit es demasiado simple. 

Si! Tal vez en este momento creerás que estoy loca y que lo digo porque es mi genética. 

Creo que para poder entender primero tenemos que empezar por darnos a explicar y saber de donde vienen todas nuestras luchas.

Me llamo Ilea...

July 21, 2019

What we forget to count on when doing a meal and training plan is that our plan has to be consistent; it can’t have an end day.

We have to do it when we are tired, busy, happy or sad.

Goals do not care about our feelings; You SIMPLY do it or you don’t.

Also, let’s keep in...

June 8, 2019

As you all know I did a four week contest prep for Kucklo classic. 

It was a show I wanted to compete at last year, but in February I had a car accident that really scared me and let me make this long story short. 

 After different eating disorders after my first bikini...

May 2, 2019

From my experience as a young kid, wanting to conquer the world. 

Achieve my dream physique…

Because I love doing fitness things and I love the way fitness makes me feel. 

You know when you don’t know, you just don’t know.. 

I was struggling for years, to be honest my 4 ye...