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How tracking macros change my life!

After tracking macros for a while, I got tired and I thought it was unhealthy.

Tracking macros can be a tough job in life. Having to write what your planning to eat everyday is a headache. I started eating intuitively! But I was subconsciously tracking calories and macros in my head since I memorized the calories and macros without actually writing it in an app. I tracked macros for years before so when you do it very often you don’t have to precisely be exact and can change the meals that you have planned.

I thought it was the cause of me being in a bad relationship with food or with low self esteem, so that’s why I stopped!

I learned that eating intuitively is a healthy aspect in life if you know to stop when you are full or if you really don't want any more progress.

I do want progress, I want my body better! I still have physique goals and I hope to have them forever.

I started tracking macros again!

But why??

Think about your day, how do you plan your day? Do you write things you must do to prioritize your goals? Exactly, we all should if we seriously want to progress in our life, if we have goals and we need a plan. Seeing it this way, helped me understand that tracking macros is not unhealthy and I am not obsessed with food, I do it because Improves my physique is a habit to me. I am not dieting. I am not prepping for competition or show. I set days that I’m not perfect with macros.

I see tracking macros as part of my daily journalism!

My agenda or my training progress. Almost the same as the daily use of social media, except that I do it for me! I write my goals of the day, and emotions.

I really enjoy it because it wakes me up with a purpose to everyday do and be what my head thinks I can be.

Planning your meals sets you off from wasting time thinking about what you’ll eat next. In school I am constantly taught to plan what I want in the next year, in 3-5 years or in 20 years. When something becomes a habit it takes none of your time!

Eating disorders do not come form tracking macros or form being aware of what you eat. They come from malnutrition! Thinking we need to avoid foods so we can get fast results ORi minimizing the calories to extremes. They come from wrong beliefs and something that no one can prevent them but to keep learning,

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