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A FIT mindset!

Achieving fitness is a mindset game; to change your mindset we need to change what we know of what we do.. it changes our perspective and it fires us to keep going..

Why do we need muscles??

Muscles are what helps our body to move..

“I do not want to grow big! I want to lose weight! I only want my legs and gluteus to grow.”

Our body is so smart. It does what it has to do. One reason I love fitness so much is because I’m able to see all the magic it does by itself! It tells you not to worry, it has your back..

Surely, we can’t have someone else’s body, only ours in better.

Stop wanting someone’s else and get yours better.

Muscle doesn’t grow as “bodybuilding” makes us think. Because of it; we kept doing the same weight for same reps that will not always give us the progress we’re striving for. A “pump” recruit cells, but doesn’t hold them. This is how It can cause weight gain when eating more! (if it’s on the booty go for it 👍)

Body’s efficiency is limited at least we force it to grow, by getting better and adding more weight=getting stronger, which, it will build or grow the muscle that is not a just a momentary pump. Muscle needs more energy to be maintained which means it uses more calories.

The body responds to stimulus;

Strength tells the body to live, remember its constantly dying. It’s weak so we’re always fighting inside.

Our diet controls weight or to fat loss.

Building muscle is the shaping of it, already part of strength training. Yes, we need more calories to grow muscle, but not to build it! Everybody has muscles!!

Regardless of how much more we can eat to grow it. The body has its own capacity!

Cells grow at their own specificity! They have periods were you reach the potential to make the change (an action potential), and periods where it uses all those calories that we eat to recover (refractory period). Reason why we burn calories at rest!


Take away!

The body needs to reach an action potential; hypertrophy is the way to live!

1.Muscle damage : a molecular signal that activates the neuromuscular system; to Let the body knows something must change ::

Think about big lifts: squats, deadlifts, presses, hip thrusts (explosive movements), pull ups

2. Mechanical tension; where you hit different angles to reach that peak potential::

Accessory movements; step ups, lunges, curls

3. Metabolic stress (the burn); when muscles are exploded and you push more.

Body weight, isometric, bands etc.. something easy to fire up the tension we have given

Voila; you lose fat, build muscle, and have energy to kick in life.

Because if the body is growing is living!!

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