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Struggling to lose weight (fat)?

I know is hard because “patience.” Biggest mistake; patience is not a requirement because you shouldn't focus on how long it will take. Focus on the present, day to day. It takes time to see the “desired results” if you don't know where mistakes are made, but losing weight is not hard if you have the determination and should not be hard.

These are the keys that you might need to take in consideration if you see yourself struggling:

1. Are you staying active?? Probably you go to the gym, do 30 mins-1 hr cardio but get home and sit. The reason why moving is important is because you will be creating a calorie deficit without restricting more calories (nutrients) than what your maintenance is. Being active (cardio) and strength train is not an open door to eat whatever you want. much you’re eating? Weekly?? Is not about 1-2-3 days is about weak to weak! Your calories can be expanded during the week. If there are days you know you like to eat more (which we know) save up at least 50 cals each day to add them up on that special day. (Don’t cut them from protein, keep your protein stable).

3.are you doing to much activity ?? When trying to lose weight is normal to think that if we burn more calories we will lose weight quicker. Something else is the message inside our body. The body burns (expands) calories when resting. If it doesn’t recover it will hold up those calories making weight loss be hard to obtain.

4.Your strength has plateau. You’re not getting stronger! It is easy to think that the stronger you are the bigger you will be, but let me use the brain as an example; when you’re constantly learning, the brain grows, more cells come in and you become smarter. The brain size doesn’t grow though; because everything in our body and in the world grows in its own specificity. That’s why there’s not a giant human or animal. All insects are small and all humans are same size. It takes so much time to actually grow bigger and still impossible that you as a women can grow as a man. (Naturally). Females don’t have male's biochemistry.

5. You don’t have a plan to follow. Planning is important because; 1. It keeps you moving forward 2. It keeps you on track 3. You are able to correct mistakes, because we never know for sure how the body will react.

Where are you right now?? And what is your ultimate goal??

  1. Determine your calorie intake (I opt for maintenance and slow and sustainable progress) the goal is to have a high calorie intake

  2. Prioritize strength training; if you want curves and toned up while losing weight + accelerate weight loss.

  3. Make it a lifestyle; think about 30-40 mins you dedicate yourself. It’s all you need 3-5 x week. Get them in before anything else, put it in your schedule.

You can do it, anyone can do it. It only takes for you to say; "I am doing it to prove myself I am better than I think." Think about your confidence, buying clothes, energy to do other things. Do it to inspire others to do it too, because if we want a change, the change starts within ourselves.

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