The role of strength training in weight loss aka fat loss!

February 20, 2019

Strength training bashes a "slow metabolism" by preventing adaptation. By keeping alive muscle cells when it grows (not on size).  


Once you get into a calorie deficit, you will be getting smaller and smaller.


A calorie deficit is eating below your calorie maintenance. A calorie maintenance is the amount of calories required by the body to do all chemical process to sustain life. 

It can be done in 2 different ways:


1. Moving more (walking for example, stay active)

2. Eating less amount of food (if you are not a physique competitor, I do not recommend it. Do not fall in the trap)


What is my maintenance calorie? I do not know, neither do you. Maintenance calorie is not precise (exact). 


If you’re level of physical activity increases, your maintenance calorie will increase as well.

 So here is the game; 

Do not increase calories because you increase physical activity!

This is the number 1 way to create a calorie deficit. Your calorie (diet) does not need to change, but you increase your physical activity.

What this does is that, diet keeps the body receiving all the nutrients required to keep you sane. Gives the body the energy to stay warm and cause all those reactions for our body life cycle. Taking off calories will only cause your body to have less fuel to work with. Do you see my point? FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY


Food is not divided by I eat more “healthy” (whole food) vs I stop eating “unhealthy” (processed food)”, I am not going to give you a chemistry class to show you how food is made. BUT,


What I will tell you is that A diet is made up carbohydrates, protein, fat and water. Except, water does not provide energy by adding heat (calories), but by dissolving them. (I say no chemistry class)


Why should I strength train then?

To look hot!


“Adaptation”, is the skill #1 for humans! We adapt to everything. This is biologically unstoppable. We learn to live in different types of temperatures; like summer vs winter. 

The body adapts to learn to live in different environments. 


Adaptation in weight loss is not a good thing. If the body adapts to lower calories, you will struggle to have a lifestyle. 


The calorie maintenance you set your body without strength training causes you to have a boring lifestyle. (Honestly) because of adaptation! The body will adapt to your same physical activity and same calorie intake that it will not produce more deficit. 


When strength training is added, it produces muscle damage. Muscle damage provokes an increase in calorie expenditure by the body (an increase in metabolism; metabolic rate).


What is wrong with strength training?

That there is no progression! If your strength remains the same, your body will also adapt. Strength training is the type of training to make you stronger. Not necessarily by lifting more wright. Strength when in calorie deficit will make you to keep muscle. If physical activity(what is called cardio) is increased without keeping strength, your calorie maintenance will drop. This causes the need to eat less food to lose weight; making unrealistic and hard to lose weight, because physiologically you’re reducing amount of  fuel for life sustainable reactions in the body (like your heart pump or bowel movements).


Let me give you tips;

-take off the laziness by being informed that you do not need to strength tRAIN everyday to lose weight. Do not kill the body starting big. Start few days and few movements and let the body a