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Why exercise improves health? Small details approach

I do not have a problem of seeing people exercising to improve their health. The problem is that they put all the weight to exercise or diet (that drives me nuts:)

An exercise routine or meal plan is useless without a change in behavior.

Most important reason to exercise/move is to be happy. Our body was designed to be movable so when we don’t we become depressed (shuts everything off), from exciting when everything is moving and running to sad when is turning of.

Let's look at why cardio is important to lose weight?

The term exercise means what ever that you know to be a form of exercise.

For example if I hear the word exercise, the first thing that comes into my mind is lifting weights, but for the other person that is not familiar with lifting the term exercise will be running or simply walking which yes it is also a type of exercise.

Exercise is been said to improve health! What is health and how improves it?


Our body is made up of many little systems that run together and give us life. Life is based on what these systems do to make a living (all of them together to form the same function).

Starting by providing energy

A calorie is a unit of energy that heats up the body by producing electrical energy for chemical reactions to happen and make those other systems to produce work so it continues to generate work (energy) so that we can move. We produce energy as we move.

Food is the fuel our body needs for living!

When the is body over heated, it stores fat, slowing down electrical energy paths to cool down. That’s why we MOVE. (Metaphor: IS NOT ONLY ABOUT TAKING, WE ALSO HAVE TO GIVE BACK MOVING/EXERCISING). Moving more uses those calories stored so we call it "burning calories". Burning calories means the body cools down. It was hot and now is getting cold. You need it hot to produce energy, but you don’t want it to hot because it can damage our systems from overheating. The body should stay at an energy balance (no to hot neither to cold). How hot or how cold depends of your goals, and it takes time to adapt (bring back to normal) because it's been probably different from how you were raised.

To stay fit (your terms) you want the body to be in an energy balance; intake and outtake.

Your intake should provide the enough nutrients to keep you sane mentally and keep you strong physically. Macros play a role on hormonal signals that also produce an equation to your daily calories. The type of exercise known as cardio (from cardiovascular; blood vessels carrying out nutrients and oxygen through the body), increases the amount of activity by reducing the amount of heat(calories) you are storing by increasing the heat calorie outtake(passing out nutrients). It can be a negative stress to keep in cheek if were not providing enough consistent fuel (food; calories) for our body to give out to our internal recovery.

Exercise can only stress our body when muscle is constantly overuse by prolonged period of time, if is not a providing stimulus to grow (creating cells) other than taking energy out for us to lose (I let you analyze which one that is).

We also have to take in consideration that there is a certain amount of calories our body can get rid and it doesn’t matter how urgent is our desire to get rid of them, before it alarms the fight and flight reaction that will force us to hold on calories because the body has its own amazing protection machine called metabolism that want to keep us alive. We are here to live. (be grateful)

Our body is smart enough to always protect us, but it doesn’t know how!

Our job is teach it how to do it.

That is why we try to learn about what we do and what we put in our bodies.

Calories are not made equally;

Carbohydrates are oxygen

Proteins are building blocks for muscle tissue repairment.

Fats dissolve nutrients with hormones signals through our body.

When we start making changes, we will find that what we were doing was wrong, we will then find tricks to change it, then we will see that we were not all wrong.

The way you eat or learned to eat could not be wrong, but it works like the game of the telephone; as it pass we hear something different and disrupts the real message.

The change starts by what we know; we know what we have seen and heard and we give it to our body once we know it. We do unconsciously things of what we consciously learned.

What you learn changes your mind because it builds your behavior you see things you weren't before. You easily build habits and you know the power of habits right?

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