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Math of long term fat-loss and muscle gain; Sustainability

From my experience as a young kid, wanting to conquer the world.

Achieve my dream physique…

Because I love doing fitness things and I love the way fitness makes me feel.

You know when you don’t know, you just don’t know..

I was struggling for years, to be honest my 4 years of highschool

I exercised wanting to achieve my dream physique (legs and abs). There is no day I have missed a workout.

I learned to workout effectively now, but I struggled a lot before.

I didn’t know I had to do math in fitness too.

Not only to count calories, but to estimate time as well.


Here is my math…

Even if you are small,

trying to gain size, you want to keep fat off;

For fat loss you need lifting weights to get stronger and a calorie deficit 3500 calories = 1 lb lost…

At the beginning you might want to start 500 calories per day, which equals 1 lb per week.

Water weight changes too, so you might see 2lbs off in one week.

Clarifying, a calorie deficit is not only made cutting out food, but also by increasing physical activity (using calories).

One thing to understand about fat loss is that results happen over time, so even though you might lose 2 lbs every week, we will reach a point where our metabolism gets triggered, our metabolism is always on survival mode. It tries to protect you, so when is triggered it fights or flight!

Fights by causing mental damage or flight by causing physiological damage.

My lifestyle math was 50-100 calorie deficit…

I had plenty of calories to enjoy life, enjoy food, eat real meals, and have variety (I need it some days)

Let’s do math;

100 calories per 30 days = 300 calories burned at month, x 12months=36000 calories / 3500 (1lb of fat)..

I lost 10 lbs of fat in 1 year..

and I grew muscle!

I had days of treating myself were I went over 1500 calories and yeah some days I might have going 3000 calories over… working on 10 k (one day)..

I taught my stomach mind-fullness, it now gets full.. The body learns to self-regulate, so when is used to certain amount of calories, eating more will eventually help you and keep you full, not by time but by the amount of heat your body learns to work with…



This is were mindset comes in play.

Mindset is not what we think,

It is what we know that makes us think.


Portion control is a great tool, but first we need to understand the portions needed and how they look.

When we don’t, we will feel like is our genetics making it so hard on us..

I knew my weight lost was from fat because I increased my strength..

I got stronger…

I see it on my body…

and I feel great…

I had patience because I unlearned bad behaviors, beliefs and thoughts.

I learned the meaning of patience by living in gratitude…

Something I talked about the whole year of 2018…

Gratitude is the real deal…

You are grateful for the results you desire

if you want a healthy fit body, you do what a healthy fit body does…

And that is taking care of ourselves…

the doing makes you feel like you already have it,

It seriously feels like tomorrow you will open your eyes and your goal will be there..

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