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What we forget to count on when doing a meal and training plan is that our plan has to be consistent; it can’t have an end day.

We have to do it when we are tired, busy, happy or sad.

Goals do not care about our feelings; You SIMPLY do it or you don’t.

Also, let’s keep in mind that goals do not get here tomorrow.

It takes time equivalent to patience.


To be patient you have to be mindful.

Yes, you have to understand why you are being patient other way it will be hard to be consistent.

Why patience?

Our body does not care what we do;

It cares about its own needs.

Neurologically change can’t go linear;

Once it reaches an action potential; a nerve impulse that produces a change; it goes to what is call a refractory period. Nothing can happen until that nerve comes down again to its resting potential.

Let me draw it;

Resting potential is down; it has to go up; (imagine a thermometer. Temperature is down).

To go up; it needs forces

The more forces it has, the faster it goes to then make the change.

Once it goes up, no change can be done.

It has to go down.

To go down

it needs rest; to charge batteries again and make it go up (raising temperature in our thermometer)

Mindfulness starts there;

When we are aware that change will happen without hurry other than with our daily grind.

That we can be calm and present in the moment;

Finding the way to enjoy and learn what we do (because when you learn it, you enjoy it)

A physique transformation starts there in the mind,

when our mind can see the magic with feelings.

That energy that empowers us to wake up everyday (drive ) to try, try and keep trying because achieving our goal only make us make more goals.

Mindfulness eating works the same way;

At first we understand that change is going to happen when we are feeding our body with no less food to lose weight or more to gain muscle;

But with the food to keep us consistent,

The food that allows us to understand why we eat what we eat

Mindfulness is about being calm;

Enjoying the present moment

Because you have learned to feed your body with the nutrient requirement to feel healthy and with a calorie requirement to look how you want to look.

Being mindful is about understanding that there are times when you go all in and moments that you have to set back and rest.

Think of rest as a superset;

We’re always a work in progress;

Keeping momentum;

Rest is not about giving yourself permission to get out of track; but about changing your focus (momentarily)

Rest is in the mind too

To charge batteries and again reach that action potential.

Results happen faster when you start to act faster!