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Body recomposition

Why do we build muscle?

Making long story short-

I wanted muscle because I wanted to grow my legs and booty, and I also wanted to lose some fat from my stomach.

I knew I couldn’t add fat to my gluteus or legs because as when losing weight we do not choose where to lose the fat from.

Fat goes where fat is.

When I gained “muscle”, I increased my calories so in reality I gained fat but proportionally (yay).

When I lost weight, I decreased my calories so I lost weight evenly.

How could I retain the muscle or build the muscle while losing fat at the same time?

Being focused on a bulk and cut independently didn’t make the sustainable trick I wanted.

GETTING OFF in my mind that progress has to happen the next day or week I focused on improvements on my performance,

“It is a marathon, not a sprint.”

So I had to slow down and look at the big picture. 5 years from now “How would I want to eat? How would I like to feel? How would I exercise?”

Increasing weight “to build muscle” gets harder as time goes so is not realistic to increase weight to make progress.

Getting back to the point,

Why do we build muscle?

When I started lifting weights, I thought of building muscle as getting big because of course I wanted a big booty (who doesn’t?) I like dresses so I wanted a curvy shape (what we know as cute, right?)

But thinking so made me fail in my attempts..

Because we do not build muscle to grow!

It actually make us leaner.

There is weight set point theory…

It says that if people lose weight they will go back to their previous weight in a rapid amount of time because our weight has been conditioned to be. Sometimes more because when the body goes in survival mode, it retains more. This increases our weight set point so it makes it harder to keep the weight/fat off..

Let me remind you,

Our body is an incredible machine. The most incredible one because it has everything you need to keep you safe. It is mechanically connected to respond to any attempt that can hurt you, it will immediately behave in a way that requires of your attention.

The way we move , the way we breath affects our way to metabolic act. Correcting our way to move corrects our way to breath and we do it by building muscle (term to activate muscle). Building in terms of growing (bigger), takes consistency. I am referring of reps through reps, sets through sets, days to days that are specify to recruit more muscle cells together with proper dieting options. Before the body builds any muscle it will first have to get rid of the fat so when converting fat into muscle we can say that our body expands more calories at the time we train it to move better.

Yeah! Because that is muscle building…

When your body moves better, it automatically looks better.

it builds muscle to move better,

You lose fat and build muscle at the same time…

Should I lose weight or build muscle first?

Do both at the same time. Build muscle so that you improve performance so that your diet can be sustainable and because you are consistent, your body can expand calories the right way. It will get rid of the weight (fat) isn’t need it for your body’s well being.

The muscle will be heavier not bigger, so in terms of heat;

Your body will weigh the same with more muscle than with more fat. Depending of what is your ideal weight to your height.

This is why it not recommendable to rely on weight to measure progress unless you are finding out your calorie intake.

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