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How to improve our metabolism!

Our metabolism is set. We will hold on the same calories everyday regardless of how much we do or how little we eat.

Our body is in charge of holding its own needs and cares nothing about how quick we want our results.


What is the best way to accelerate process? Improving our metabolism!

Since we all know, most of our calories are used when we are at rest.

To most of us when we sleep!

This is how I look on progress with my clients…

Even If I know everybody desires to improve physical appearance, lose weight, build muscle or both, what determines their success is progression on their posture or how quick they respond to the movement. I help them improve movement when they do their chores, outside my gym.

When they walk, when they sit, when they cook, etc, etc…

A healthy posture measures the ability of how quick progress happens which is all I focus on (in reality).

A good posture not only improves metabolism, it also makes consistency achievable because our body requires energy to keep a strong (straight) posture that keep cells movement and that is happiness (the release of endorphins).

This is how it creates energy at the time that consumes energy = it burns fat at the time it builds muscle!

As the same, to build muscle or gain weight our body needs a good posture to distribute nutrients.

On the first picture knees are locked because I am putting the weight on my toes and hyper-extending the back. This makes our body waste energy by preventing blood flow that should pass (dissolve nutrients).

In the long run of not paying attention, it can deteriorate our bones by causing pain in joints and keeping us away from staying and enjoying an active lifestyle. One of the ways injuries happen!

The second picture, my upright posture is lazy. I am letting my upper back fall forward which also immediately puts pressure on my knees stressing my lower back.

Lastly, on the third picture, my posture is in alignment with my spine measured by the neck, mid back and low back.

This helps our muscles be used correctly, preventing metabolic fatigue because efficient muscle activation allows the body to use less energy which keeps our body balance and balance eliminates unnecessary fat (weight) on its own. Our body never wants to burn calories.

it likes to convert energy!

Locking our knees isn’t a bad thing, if you also push your hips in (something like squeezing your booty), then the back creates a hollow that maintains the spine in correct alignment.

Like on a hip thrust when tucking your chin to squeeze the glutes on the top. It releases the stress the weight causes.

Back arching is not a bad thing neither when your abs are contracted like on shoulder presses or on Romanian deadlifts, with neck facing down to the knees and with knees slightly bent.

The role of exercise is to train our body to use the biological reflex or loop that follows movement patterns, one action after the other to allow the body keep a balanced/healthy physical and mental state.

To get learner, the body needs to have enough strength to swap fat to muscle other wise it will get rid of muscle and fat, leaving our body tired and easy to get injured.

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