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Eating on a fixed schedule vs intuitively (demand)

A fixed schedule might sound as the best thing to build discipline to reach our "fitness goals."

Here are the two things I learned when I did it.

  1. I became food focused. I had to be very concious of the time I had to eat leading me to,

  2. I stopped being mindful. I wasn’t able to listen my body cues anymore

When we hear intuitively eating we might take it as we can eat whatever we want when ever we want to.

Yes, that’s what it means, but no like that.

Our body has a weird way of working.

Our metabolism is stronger and smarter than us.

This is because it was made to protect us, so every time is tempted to “die” (any hurtful situations), it sends a response called FIGHT OR FLIGHT REACTION.

Which happens when we restrain our body’s desires to eat, triggering this response and repetition after repetition willpower doesn’t work.

It actually increases the desire or need, making us lose control and communication, because we end up overeating by increasing the amount of same foods we eat or by choosing foods with higher calorie content and empty in nutritional value.

A long window of restriction have shown benefits in ALLOWING hormonal communication.

Things to take in consideration are:

Was the restrictive window or the calorie deficit created from this window?

People tend to do more than one thing to assist with their goals.

For example; at the time they get a restrictive eating window, they also tend to make healthier eating choices and start to exercise.

Busy schedules in a fast-paced world have made us be less intentional about our intentions and as a result obesity and eating disorders have been the cause of so many health problems.

HORMONES are the chemical messengers that travel through the body coordinating processes such like growth, metabolism and fertility, influencing the immune system and behaviors.

Excess of calories (overheat) repeatedly, stresses the endoplasmic reticulum (Kalat, 2009), impairing protein folding, and blocking hormonal communication.

The only way shown to undue the damage or stress caused to the endoplasmic reticulum is by the release of endorphins that also creates a calorie deficit (removing heat) that blocks hormonal communication (Kalat, 2009).

Yes! Food is a language,

a language that will not work with out a required amount of calories. An amount that is not only produce by how much you eat but about what you eat.

A fixed schedule has been used to maintain a consistent discipline and achieve a goal in certain period of time.All of that is great, except that ends up making it worse because the mindset grabbed by our actions is stronger than knowledge.

We know carbohydrates aren’t the enemy, but getting out of track make carbs or any other food, the greatest enemy!

What we do, trains our memory (everything we do) in a way that not only affects that, but our whole thinking process by the way we do things (our perspective).

How can we solve all this?

-Don’t try to master everything at once.Little by little. One single thing per day, per week over a period time builds a new mindset. One change at a time.

-Don’t try to learn everything. To make it work as your intuition is important to know facts, not assumptions. Facts direct and move our behavior without memorization.

STOP 🛑 false ideas

Getting abs (a flat stomach) and building or maintaining a curvy booty does not, I say it again, does NOT requires all the hurtful things that we are accustomed to see and hear.

When your mind changes your options get wide and you have no way but to always look great because a mindset changes your focus.

I have a recipe ebook “Flip Your Tastebuds”. It has macros, calories and strategies to understand how to fix your overall diet. It teaches you the type of quality our body wants and helps you get in a diet free mindset.

This ebook will not only make your goals easier to achieve, it will change the whole way of seeing discipline. You’ll see how willpower doesn’t work and why you don’t need it!

Get it and start practicing

Plus +++

I give you an easy and quick way to make them.

I never loved cooking as much as I do NOW!

You will see how you don’t have to say bye to the foods you love 💗

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