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Why more physical activity (cardio) isn’t the best tool to lose weight! Fat.

Yes, cardio or more physical activity is a great way to avoid storing more calories when calories aren’t counted or controlled..

Because most of the times we eat more than we should if we are not aware of how much calories are in our plate..

Is that beneficial?

Well, when we eat (normally) the same amount of calories, our body gets accustomed to that amount of calorie intake so you might eat more and gain no more weight in scale, (our body weight set point), but that doesn’t mean there’s no more fat gained when calories are exceeded.

2 ways to gain fat...

-eating more calories ...

-expanding (burning more calories)..

Fat isn’t only what you see as extra in the body..

Fat is also represented as weakness in our bones..

Burning more calories can be done by increasing physical activity, if calorie intake isn’t in balance.. our body, instead of letting fat go, it will keep it because it sees it as an attempt to dye.. our body’s defense mechanism is to protect us from dying..

Sometimes it works in an absurd way just to make our body keep running.. it grabs what it can from where it can to make blood flow....

Of course, we can’t know the exact amount of calories our body needs (don’t try to find it), because it depends of many little things, like what foods you are eating (each of them “burn” calories when digested), the match of nutrients you make, the way you move, the effort you move with or the body composition you already have..

I’m not saying don’t do cardio::


When is cardio beneficial??

Suppose that you’re trying to build muscle..

To build muscle our body needs nutrients.. so in order for our body to grab nutrients and be able to store them to build muscle, we need to keep our body in balance.. when our body has no strength and no muscle we can say our metabolism is slow, so while we build muscle and get enough nutrients, we use cardio (movement) to avoid over stressing our muscles the same way (because then we inhibit muscle growth 😐) cardio is the only way to increase energy expediture after our muscles have got proper training. once our body has muscle and is responding we should let our body do it’s job on it’s own. It goes to a recovery phase and that phase is the most powerful, because it allows our body to reach balance on its own and then our body can change...

Logic isn’t always very logic...

Trust your body after you train it to do so!

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