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Why mindset is more important?

Why do I care so much about mindset when working on a fitness goal..


Fitness is defined different to each individual.

Some want to lose weight, some want to gain, others want to just feel great, getting rid of body aches or getting the energy/strength you feel being in fitness.

That’s great!


One thing is commonly misunderstood is the role that diet plays here..

Diet is not all!

Exercise isn’t either!

We can be 100% committed to follow a plan and still be far from reaching our fitness goal-because the most important aspect to understand here is that working your body isn’t about restricting calories to lose weight or increasing them to gain. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself. It’s about knowing that you have the power to change, that your body is as incredible as someone else you might look up to, and that it’s totally possible for you to really change.

Let me touch base on social media!

It’s great 👍

It’s totally amazing how we can learn and find tools to imitate and help ourselves, but what’s deep and behind or in the back of the camera isn’t always like that.

When I was new in fitness I remember I listened to everybody who looked fit. Whoever was seen to have the body I wanted to reach. I assume they know the trick and as result I went through the same disorders they went through.

Because honestly, any transformation you put your body or life into is painful. No physically, it’s mentally painful because of adaptation.

Does not matter if it is big or small. Changing it’s a new cells wiring that make traumas along the way and we have to be really careful to not let them node us down, impeding us to move up. We have to justify every node of ideas that is forming (explaining). This is what makes it be so great.


Here are some mindset hacks that can really transform you.

Use them to understand your journey


1️⃣Listen your body: it can be confusing because a lot of the times our emotions can trigger us to eat more and others to simply not eat. The term of listening your body is refer to being aware how food fill us up. It's about being able to understand satiety and gain our self trust.

2️⃣There are no quick solutions: the exercise that burns the most calories isn’t really real. Burning more calories makes you eat more and sometimes even more because of the anxiety it puts our body when there are less calories in our body.

3️⃣ Exercise is to build muscle; which means it activates the muscles and trains the body so that it can move pain free and perform the exercise to move outside the gym.

4️⃣ Less calories to lose weight and more calories to build muscle is a totally lie. I’m sorry if I confuse you! But the only reason why we eat less calories is because our body is less efficient to move so it doesn’t require that much. As your mobility increases and muscle connection happens, more calories should increase. Allowing more flexibility on "dieting strategies."

5️⃣Diet strategies are only optimal to create a routine or help people overcome food traumas. to learn and unlearn behaviors, no that one is better than other, but about which one gives you a perspective to go from scarcity to an abundance mindset.


From all of that remember that to reach a any physique goal, the most important and your #1 priority is to teach our body how to work in maintenance.