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Achieving your dream physique. I want curves!!

How to conditioned your body to not just make you, but to keep you fit?

First of all..

Getting into exercising and eating healthy isn't something you do and stop once you get there.

Fitness is something that you have to do consistently until that becomes your second nature because you will do it the for the rest of your life. You also do not want it any different way.

Then, you keep doing it, because it is the new you.

You have to change the person you are to be the person you want to become, so it is important that you build a new description of yourself,

and better yet..

Design your habits so you know what to stay consistent with..

That is the first phase of conditioning!

You will take advantage of cognitive dissonance: when you say who you are, your body will respond as you say and if you are not, you will feel discomfort on everything that you do until you do what you say you are or you change what you do, and here you have the option to change for what's best for you.

Then, it is important that you understand your beliefs towards fitness. There are many, and sadly I wished that was changed, because growing a butt might not be what everybody surely wants to focus on, but is important to maintain strength and strength is health. It is balance and regulation! No less and no more.

Understanding macros.. No necessarily because you have to change your diet all the time, but for you learn how to bounce back and for you to know that you are not trapped in one way of living.

Also, so you can learn to make habits. One step at a time.

With exercise.. Let me tell you what I see the most.. Exercising without first learning how to exercise.

I know! but walking also has to be relearned. Running isn't running and we wonder why we get tired? Habits have wired our body's behavior (posture) wrong, so we have to fix that for our body to really adapt to change. If not, dieting will be harder and exercise will have to be more! And more will not keep us there for very long.

Yes, so it will more fun when you train to lose weight or to gain muscle to improve how your body moves. (Music for my ears).

Because above all, you want your body to be and feel healthy and that is focusing on performance.

In performance you want progressive overload.. but progressive overload isn't about lifting more weight or doing more.. It is about having a progressive stimulation..

Weight lifting is great, but the truth is that is only because is the first way to bring awareness in ouRself. Check it up for yourself! Do squat with out weight, use a light weight, then use a heavier one. You will see the heavier one is better, looks better and that is because it brought you awareness. It made your body alert! That is the goal.. bring awareness because without it, our body can't make new connections. No change!

Our body! In reality, only needs 1 Rep to make a change, but it needs to reach a temperature that takes more than one rep to get there. It also needs to be stimulated and make that stimulation better and better for greater progression so then, we have progressive overload.

The form improves and sometimes for the form to improve requires a load.. more weight or different variations so that "understanding the movement" (a stimulation) can happen because it was learned. If there is no learning, there is no change.

Have in mind that our body learning is not us learning. Think of your body as the subconscious; the reflex of our behaviors. Requires from you (the conscious) to change.

Day after day, it helps to reach that temperature I told you about.. The one required for the change to happen.. that is why is important that at the moment you train.. do not focus on the goal..

focus on the exercise..

focus on the day...

And that daily focus,

when you don't think about it..

will be the one to give you that change!

One Rep at a Time!


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