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How can snacking help you reach your fat loss goals faster…

I am not saying you should have snacks. I actually do not think snacks are needed for weight or fat loss. Eating several meals at day does not increase or improve your metabolism. Maybe this idea came from knowing that when our body is hungry is actually storing fat and when is full, yes, when you are satisfied your body is metabolically more efficient. Starvation isn’t our friend, specially when our goal is to reduce body fat.

Starvation can happen from several reasons, and is not always because the lack of food.

  1. It is on this one: because there is not enough food to support our activity. Remember that our body knows better when is getting low in energy so it creates hunger to prevent us from starving.

  2. Because we did not meet all metabolic needs. we did not get enough of one type of food so energy (food) got wasted. Like when we over eat protein!

  3. Because our emotions can be misplaced. A lot of the times we make associations of how and when we eat. This is why is important to dissociate certain triggers with behaviors. Our body learns from our actions.

  4. Anxiety! This one is the most common cause of fake hunger or fake cravings. Believe me on this one. Eat your carbs! Feed your brain and let your cells breathe. In a period of my life, I went vegan for 8 months, so I could erase from my perceptions the wrong idea of carbohydrates being the enemy and I gained stability. Once I learned and my memory removed the association of thinking carbohydrates affecting my progress I was able to have a better mentality towards the choices I make.

  5. Vitamins and minerals deficiency. This is the importance of variety to reach balance.

The question was, how to make snacking your best friend and end this need to snack time for once?

Stay with me…..

From intuitively eating, I learned so many great things. I read books to understand how to eat intuitively, but they did not say how to continue reach my goals.

Because every time I would try it, I would lose control and stopped listening my body cues. From 2016 to now!

On and off…

When we have a meal plan, we follow a plan and forget about mindfulness.

Being fully present.

Think of it as shopping!

I changed my shopping strategy to help my eating behaviors.

When we buy in a cheap store or discount store, we get and get things that we really do not want or need, but the psychology of discounting make us thing we should take advantage now and we hurry to make decision without putting the conscious thought of; “I should just wait and save to buy what I really want to buy”.

We stop being conscious of our decisions because even though the amount of money you spend is going to be the same with one item. One item does not seem as enough and we buy more for same amount and end up feeling the same. Our needs weren’t fulfilled because we have set our mind to get what we had already wanted.

This happens with the food choices we make when we mistaken what dieting truly is and tend to believe dieting is reducing calories and being able to chose everything is low in calories. We lose mindfulness and stop acting in scarcity.

Feel free to make a choice,

but from my research; observation and experience, our body gains control when we eat foods high in calories, so do not make snacks low calorie snacks neither low carbs. I understand not everything works for everyone, but I still think there’s so much our body can handle before it fights or flies.

When you snack something out of your routine, your body starts feeling this awareness and pays attention to what you eat and suddenly you become more controllable and start being more realistic about your feelings.

Every time our body does not feel safe we start having emotions to regulate us…

Remind yourself that you are safe…

Not being perfect can help us work even harder and gain more focus…


"perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence"

It is always important to know how to make things work for us!

I have my course “How to free yourself from dieting?” And I have my 12 weeks coaching program to help you transform from inside out!


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