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How to make good and bad behaviors positively work for you?-To a lifestyle change

How many times have you thought you have failed when eating something outside your diet...

(Not talking about flexible dieting), but how many times you thought snacking was bad?? Trying out something you cooked for your husband or probably try one of your kid’s snack??

Yes, I do not like having snacks! I like eating when is meal time. Let me tell you that one of the things that helped me stick with my plan or even be aware of my hunger has been eating something out my plan..

Of course I don’t always do it.. but what I’m saying is that sometimes you need to try those baby cookies. Yes, they’re calories but when is a long term goal think of the satisfaction it will bring you to slowly stick to you plan,, because you already did those bad things we are not supposed to do when having a goal.. Believe me... eating something out your plan can actually teach you to be mindful when eating your meal plan. It helps your body be more conscious and in the long term it will help you understand your body and your hunger so that we know to stop and not eat just because it was a habit.. but you have to care to actually make it work for you.. A diet plan before being a plan to lose or gain weight, it is a plan that helps you be aware.

For example skipping the gym.. it’s absolutely not what I want you to do, but if you did ! Don’t you think that it might help you stick to it more because you know that skipping once will make you skipped more times or maybe skipping or taking off was a good thing for you to change your behavior. Normally if we skipped we also eat bad, but what about if you accept the fact that you skipped and you do not have to screw your diet as well.. That is actually way better! Those things can help you make other strong behaviors.

Eating something out can help you see that you really prefer your food or to moderate your eating because of the stomach pain you’ll get when eating too much.. or how sleepy you get that next time you know this is not how you want to always eat..


The importance is to analyze; what can you do better? What can you learn? How can your actions after that be helpful for journey? What’s done is done! Now... how can you fix that!? Hpw can you make it better?

Day after day,

Time after time,

Being conscious about this, will help you make better decisions in the long run..

and that is what matters!

Learning is a process and knowing what’s right or what’s wrong is not going to make you perfect.

Be present and accept your feelings. They're there for a reason..

Give yourself permission to not be perfect and you'll see how you become your best friend..

This is you with you!



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