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I changed my approach to lifting heavy!

I don’t try to lift heavy anymore..

At first I want to explain the importance of building muscle and first of all why we want and need to build muscle?

Building muscle is a stimulus; It really doesn’t build any muscle because our muscles are already there.

This stimulus makes the body work when there is not physical activity aka activation, increasing calories burned at rest which is the reason why it helps us to burn fat faster.

Without the building/growing stimulus the body could only lose certain amount of weight.

It will be hard to lose that fat that takes off that beautiful aesthetics we already posses underneath our skin!

Building muscle is not only for aesthetics and to be honest that is not the reason of why we should build muscle. We build muscle to produce ENERGY.

To improve the communication of our cells which is what maintains the regulation in our body.

If there’s no energy, there is not calmness. Our cells are hungry and they are wanting and waiting to survive when they are stored. The body’s breath is out of whack making us feel tired, unmotivated, weak or undisciplined.

Second + and extra + (plus) to building muscle,

It help us move more, to try more, to experience more. It builds that confidence to lifting heavier weight, and all that activity uses calories and creates a greater calorie expenditure, helping us to burn more calories (fat).

Here’s the problem;


We could be building muscle “apparently” but what we do doesn’t fully tell our body what is happening inside.

Exercise to build muscle is only a stimulus and to change the stimulus it needs strong chemical substances;

Called macronutrients.

It needs food,

Not any food, it needs nutrition. The problem is that we think nutrition are veggies and fruits and so called healthy fats.

It will look like magic, struggles disappear.

Our body needs an energy requirement to live happy. It is our weight! The excess can easily go, but then the only thing that will let it go is the switch of temperature. You maintain the weight but lose the fat. By building muscle which retains more water and makes you look lean but fuller or curvy only to maintain the temperature.


How do we grow then?

Since building muscle is the stimulus that help us lose fat and grow, how do we know how to increase size?

Exactly where we want it and not where we don’t.

Of course crunches do not eliminate belly fat, tricep extensions do not eliminate arms fat, but it helps to learn to use those muscles to activate for other types of exercises that are the real reason of why and how we lose fat (create a greater calorie expenditure).

It takes time, it takes consistency and that is the only effort you have to do.

Measure your consistency..

My dissertation for research methods seminar was about intellectual disability.

You might think what does this has to do with it, but I learned that it has a lot.

Because through it I learned that the intensity can also

be produced by a learning mechanism.

Just think about the movie Mulan.

She’s strong and does not even lift weights. Or gymnasts! They are the strongest athletes and they do not lift weights.

They get strong by consistent practice that accumulates the learning experience.

But with weight lifting you actually improve your metabolism by changing the efficiency of this muscles when they are activated at rest.

We teach our body how to move..

Because believe me, it does not know~

Everything else.

Do not think the work is done.

Learn to love it..

Because this is a safe and healthy way to struggle ( I think)..

We fight against our laziness that wants to overtake us.

Stay strong and firm!


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