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Improving our relationship with food.... fitness in general!Or I could call this... Finding JOY!

I always like to talk about my story when I started competing and I struggled, because I used to see it as a bad thing. I hated my obsession of reaching "my ideal physique". In reality, it only improved my way of being and living. It made me a more conscious person on a lot of aspects in my life that I wasn't aware of. It could be because I was younger, but in reality, in life we are constantly growing and we are prone to look for coping mechanisms. We cope in different manners and not being aware of this pushes us far from our deepest goals or it can make us feel like we are not for this.. It is not for us.. It is hard.. or like I once thought, god might hate me..

Let's go to the point..

What is healthy relationship?

In 2018, I wrote a little ebook called, "there's no right or wrong answer. Health is not on a Plate" because the assumption of eating a donut, pizza, fries, doritos, bread, fat, animal products makes us think we are going to get sick. We sabotage ourselves keeping eating this way because we like those foods. I wanted you to understand that in our body those foods are not like how we have learned to see them. Foods are erroneously classified and because of this classifications people are not only getting sicker, but diet has been influencing on people's relationships with other people and enjoyment to things as well.

One thing that has helped me, was to understand that we are not perfect and life is not about perfection. I let go my idea of being perfect. I do not care or intend to be perfect. I intent to be me. To be liked by me. To be accepted by me. Of course I still care about people’s boundaries.

But knowing this and understanding it, immediately changed my approach with eating. Because a lot of times, I unconsciously ate more to make others happy. I thought I was rude for saying no, but then I understood that not everyone has the same goals (yet. I think health should be our goal), I could’t leave my goal on other people's hands.

Other thing is to know that is not other people's fault. The choice is always us and it takes different scenarios for us to change our reaction. Most important is for us to give that moment a meaning such as; “I did not fail, I only understood that I can be weak when I am not prepared”.

More important thing of all is to be patient. When we learn to be patient, we are content of being a work in progress because we are not competing with other people. We are competing with our previous self that is weak by our old habits. Patience allows us to not stop and wait for things to come. It is about keep working on it without intending to train harder to reach our goal faster about restricting more to lose weight faster, because what matters is the end result, not the momentarily process. Focus on now when you are doing it, so that you are aware, but have the end goal in mind (the future) to guide perseverance with you.

  1. Enjoying food is not an eating disorder. You can like the cake and eat an extra piece of cake and one more and that is fine. You do not always eat it and you really liked it.

  2. Having a meal plan does not mean your behavior is sick. It means that you know that it takes effort to reach your goal and you decide to make an effort for it. Goals are healthy!

  3. Our posture affects our emotions and our emotions affect our thinking process. That is strength!

  4. Our movements are like our emotions. Our body is anxious when is not moving in the right pattern. Pay attention to how we move.

  5. Be effortlessly intentional. After repeated practice and awareness (know why and what). This behavior becomes your second nature, and with a more powerful intention with focus.

Fitness is to make our life better and I honestly think that being able to do this for us will allow us to be present with our love ones. Focus on one day at a time and really fall involve with the process.

We all are learning!


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