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IS your intention matching your behavior?

The energy (subconscious) to lose fat and to build muscle aka the energy for a transformation

The real deal here!

Seeing your body transform and see how your body can change is a great thing, but it's important to understand that our body is originally fit and healthy. It is also easy and is our second nature..

Once you get the concept and let go the need of being in control//

We can’t change what we do until we understand what exactly happens in our body.

I tell you this because I struggle so much before and I hate for you to live what I went through. Why? Because I tell you all the time to do fitness and I know fitness is not the solution of all your problems. I know, I know! I will make a long story, but believe me! the intention of my story is for you to grab the concept of fitness. I know you are smarter than me.

it took a very long time to build my mindset. It took me several experiences that I am so thankful to have had survive and that is why I want to help you.

I love fitness and i get mad and I really get sad when people do it for the wrong reason. I know! It shouldn’t affect me or I shouldn’t care, but I do and that is why I am so mad. Fitness is such a beautiful thing. I think the reason why I love it so much is because I used not to like myself and is not that fitness made me like myself because I transform my body. No! I did not learn to love myself because of growing my booty. That’s only a way for me to not be so serious since I am always very serious. Now I have learned to chill out.

Fitness taught me to be present :)

Yes, so that is exactly what fitness is like.

Chill out!

80% psychology 20%mechanics

Remember that what truly get us our results is not only what we do. What we do comes easy once we master why we do it. Yes you can get results with only the mechanics which means as long as you do something different you will get the results, but I want you to not work for it. Is not fun! I want you to be free!

I want you to be healthy and fit as if it was your second nature because it is...

Breath fitness

Breath health

The 80% is what distinguishes what is healthy and what is not so have a beer and let’s chill out..

PATIENCE! If you got this far then you have it and I know you really want results. I tell you patience because believe me this is the first thing to get in our head. We live like if the world is going to end tomorrow and we try to hurry. Patience is important because our body is not going to change because we do more or because we train harder (it is a lie, no one knows what is harder). Our body can only change at its own rate. As with burning calories. It does not matter how much more you go for a walk or run to burn calories. Our body burns the same amount of calories every day. Its not going to burn more unless you eat more but eating more can only help you if you train more and to train more you first have to train better.

You see! It is a trap so no need of all that crap.


No pain no gain. That’s another lie.. yes you can transform without pain. Progress is measured. Track what you do everyday and be consistent.

To enjoy you have to be present. To be present you have to understand what you are doing so pay attention to what muscle you are activating and how you move. Not all movements are the same.. exercise is about paying attention to our movements.

That is it my friends

The energy you need to transform (our subconscious)

To start with patience and to see it as an enjoyment not a duty.

Yes you count macros, and with your calories it is easier and more enjoyable.

BUT consistency is what matters the most and I want you to not quit because getting stronger is a matter of being consistent to paying attention and believing that you can do it..


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