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Are you staying away from lifting weights or from going heavy?

Lifting weights is normally associated with building muscle and building muscle is associated with getting big...

And getting big sounds like bulking so we lose our curves or femininity!

To start..

Let's understand why do we exercise?

why do we lift weights?

Yea! exercise makes us healthier, but how?

If it was all about eat less to burn fat and do more and kill yourself would that really be a sustainable lifestyle?

I see how so many times, we train to murder ourselves, because "we love the pain", but it doesn't show any results. Instead we get hungrier, frustrated or hurt.

It usually reverses back all the work we did because it doesn't allow us to have the consistency that we need to have.

Getting healthy..

It is all about helping our body to recover..

The truth is that our body is always working very hard to keep us alive and we get tired or sick from not having a great recovery process. Our body doesn't know how to get recovered... That was our job to learn it and somehow it was made rule of thumb to exercise that i think God said; I will force you to train and eat better. Yes, because for exercise to be healthy needs to lead to recovery. Soreness is somehow a form of recovery that sometimes makes our body stronger. When we are new to pain... the pain is intense, but as we learned it.. we stop paying attention to it and becomes a way of awareness.

Getting strong.. or stronger.. it is a learning mechanism..

You have to learn to move in order to get strong.

Building muscle is a memory that we form from a training stimulation. All of our training is based on creating a stimulation and the increase of the stimulation to reinforce that memory. That memory makes our body so efficient to help us move with flow. The stimulation is not always more weight.. in fact I am against it, the more that we move up, the faster we reach our destination point. We want to make changes with the less weight possible and keep making changes. We only want to let that excitement on... so that we can keep using our strength and to not rely of motivation when we attempt to lifting weights.


When there is no proper form.

There are to many reps and sets (too much volume) that adds stress to our body. This kind of stress can make us weaker and as a result weakness make us store more fat. You also can get bulky if you only focus on training just muscles and do not think of training movements.

How you sit, stand, push, laid, lift up says more of your strength than the weight that you lift.

You can also look skinny fat.. when you under eat and exercise..

In fact.. Cardio if not mixed with resistance training makes you weaker, as a result; weakness make you bigger.

I am not against cardio..

But your body has to be strong for cardio to be effective.. other wise..

rounding of your back when walking only increases the risk of injury..

Or knee valgus when running only causes you to store more fat in the belly and hurst your joints.

Getting strong does not mean lift 3xweight. If you do is awesome and you will be so happy that you do it, but if you don't is okay. Your body needs to learn to move and to breath..

Surprisingly our mental health comes in play...

We need of working those two to become a whole...


For the weight to change... your mind has to change!

Otherwise we will be moving in circles...


Because we need enough temperature to keep life (balance), we store it in form of muscle, because if we do it through fat, our internal job gets so slow which makes us tired. Storing muscle in other areas can make us lose our symmetry and we will lose our balance. Glutes is the biggest muscle so we can train it more times per week and still takes longer to get hurt so we can use it more for our daily therapy (more visits to the gym). Also, it looks better on our clothes and bring overall awareness to our body. They also help us prevent back pain and knee pain because is the lever of the whole body. Moving our glutes is a bliss.

Always train that booty..

I have my book "How to do Magic". FITNESS FOR YOUR MIND!



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