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Why strength training?

My dissertation for graduation was about learning disabilities.. I really can’t understand how learning can be a disability when learning is a self-defense response.. We all not learned the same way.. We’re different.. Some are better with fine motor skills and some better with gross motor skills.. neither one is better!! There’s also different ways of learning.. Not everyone learns the same way.. Another thing is that we don’t learn what we want.. we learn what we need, so if a person doesn’t know is a need, how are they going to grasp that? Learning is not memorizing.. Learning is actually a taken for granted behavior.. we don’t realize we actually learned it.. it’s a conditioned response to certain situation... This is what I’m most passionate about.. Wait.. In 2018.. I wrote another paper... About weight gained after is lost.. My real goal was to find out why is gained in the first place.. That year I also got some psychiatry results from my sister... I was like; what?? I felt like I was placed there for some reason... Like if God wanted me to use the information I had studied to work... My goal was to look for the real way to be fit.. and escape from feeling bad when cheating on my diet.. to actually stop cheating (and I counted macros and have always been on carbs).. I wanted to teach my body to listen.. Knowing my subconscious and our conscious which we actually need both... Because we actually have to be aware of our subconscious because is the one that learns without our permission. Kind of like be careful with what we see because we have mirroring cells and we learn a lot through observation. Conscious and unconscious.. The biggest of my questions was.. Do you work hard to always work hard?? Where am I going to see my fruit thriving? Do I always have to take care of me? When I’m just going to be just me? I wanted to flow! I wanted to let myself go.. But still maintaining my behaviors.. I surely didn’t learn everything on a paper.. but each paper was bribing me closer to my goal.. Because I was doing as I was learning.. I understood that getting fit has nothing to do with how many calories you burn. I also wanted to lose. Building muscle has nothing to do with how much weight you lift... Because first of all, we had to focus on our diet to be consistent but for our diet to be consistent we had to focus on our body.. Our hormones need both types of communication to keep our cells satiated... I thought.. "We might not born to be lean". But think about the human body. Naturally isn’t fat! Something must be wrong.. Thinking of our genetics we were born for speed.. strength isn’t very common for us.. We seek balance but strength is balance.. We want a healthier heart and for that.. our heart needs stronger muscles so they require less work to function (efficiency).. But our body lacks of nutrients so we get cravings.. and we need both forces; diet and training.. because stress happens either way.. what about?? "I’m content with where I am!".

I know, that one made me struggle too.. Because maintenance doesn’t exist.. The truth is that we are either growing or dying.. gaining or losing... Now I think of exercise as with financial education.. It’s something we must learned to live better... Because believe me.. I normally live meditating.. What’s the role of life.. What is life about?? Why?? So, I came to understand that as important that is to learn to manage our finances to live better.. Learning to move and overall manage our diet is an important skill to live even better.. It’s work... Everything is work... Our job is to also learn to manage our time... We have to teach our body to learn to love taking care of our body... So now... Why strength training? Because to fight habits... remember habits are just a recruitment of cells same as muscles.. to fix the pathway of a muscle cell we need to adjust the recruitment of cells where the muscle got stock.. because without fixing muscles.. pathways of everything inside us do not send the responses to their specific binding.. Our body is a cascade of binding processes... Changing our body is about teaching our body how to learn!

When we strengthen our muscles (fix the pattern of communication), it is actually less work we have to do and it is the long term fix for our weight and who knows probably our health.

There is more than what we see, so let's keep an open mind!


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