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You do not have to have a diet plan, but is helpful to keep you on track.

Start building it

- decide how many meals you want to have

-chose a protein source for each meal

-chose your carbohydrate

-supplemented with small portion of fats since they’re higher of calories in small quantity. Have a carb for snack if you do like snacks; an apple is filling, quick, easy and sweet.

Change your habits!

You do not need to be snacking if thats what gets you far from the results you want.

Cut out your caloric drinks; if you’re trying to build muscle (booty gains) keep in mind that putting on fat will make you take longer to actually grow the muscle because of the fat tissue surrounding it.

Get lean, stay relative lean!

Don’t go crazy, muscles grow depending of your experience and tendency not by how much you eat.

Fitness and health can go hand in hand! Everything requires what we want to throw first, “patience.”

Stay patient, but aggressively work on it. Do not stop! And make it an every day routine.

Have the goal in mind and constantly remind yourself of what it is.

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