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My collarbone recovery...

2018 was the year I changed my approach towards lifting..

After years of gaining weight-and looking skinny-fat.. I started focusing on losing fat, but i relied on weight to measure it.. I would do anything that would make me feel I was getting the most out of it.. I killed myself for no reason.. (train smarter no harder)…

But that year,

I had a car wreck… and I fractured my clavicle.. (close to surgery)...

At first, I cried…

I was so into fitness that I got so mad that I had to stop working towards my goal (my physique)…

I had already gained some weight..

And my face was breaking out so bad! (My diet).

2018, was also the first year as a full time student, and because of that I had quit my main income job.. It was a stressful change in my life!

It was my first year as a full time personal trainer and I couldn't move my arm.

After one week of crying and resting..

I decided to suck it up and focus on my bone.. I surely didn’t want to have surgery so i had no intentions to go hurt myself in the gym. Time was going to pass anyways..

In 2017,

I had finished my corrective exercise specialization course with NASM, so I wasn’t all lost.. (They said memory works better when scarce or in danger)-I read it on a journal article I used for my thesis.. Thanks God I had where to stand up...


From my nutrition background and some tips here and there I got from knowledgeable people, I decided to build my training and diet focused on rehab..

I didn’t intend to lose weight or gain muscle (get big).. I focused on teaching my muscles to connect so they could learn to work together.. Food was only the engine...

I was limited with what I could do, because moving my body consisted of getting some movement in my shoulder..

It hurt to my heart..

It hurt to even walk...


Starting some movement gave me those endorphins helping me deal with pain.. not that bad once I started and I was pumped of not feeling pain when moving..

With time….

I noticed, it didn’t heal just my shoulder..

It healed my mindset towards dieting,

because i also stopped focusing on losing or gaining weight (muscle)...

Yo-yo dieting stopped! when you are so strict and then when opportunity arrived, I binged on the “so called wrong foods"


Getting injured isn’t a reason to stop working on our goals..

Not being able to do proper form isn’t a reason to get upset or discouraged..

Because you know what???

That’s exactly what’s going to help our body to recompose (to lose fat while building muscle)..

That’s the magic of training..

It builds you!

Our body is always working.. our cells are vulnerable and they are always being damaged..

We help them recover with our training and like that we get harmony in our body…

I discovered how this accident helped me understand so much more about training..

Because we missed healing those reactive bones or the weaknesses developed from our jobs and lifestyles. Sometimes they come from our childhood that never get corrected... And we continue to move and exercise with the wrong muscular intention. It is a stress that actually generates in our body that impede us from having flow in our progress.. Then, here we are moving and changing our calories or diet because we think that it is not working.

From my struggles with dieting..

Educating myself for years before this reck...

knowing to count macros..

I noticed how it was actually my weakness from my past car wreck as a child that was making me struggle with dieting and getting the best results from my training..

My left size was paralyzed and even though I was back to walking and moving, my body wasn't synchronized when moving.. All this healing help me understand I had no cravings.. It was my body anxious from not being balanced. I had to learn to understand it, so I stopped focusing on working out and decided to focus on training!

I realized I was a real athlete.. We all are!

i understood exercise changes our physique, but it wasn't what it needed to be focus at...

I been focused only on performing.

I do progressive overload but only if it is to improve my performance (You can check my progressive overload blog)..


In 2019..

I created a course here on my website, with also an ebook (you can find on Amazon) “How to free yourself from dieting?” “Eating mindfully”.


Because to diet, there are concepts we have to learn and understand so we don’t fell when “dieting”…

To diet is equally important to know how not to or better said; how to escape from what we think of a diet.. I’ll teach you how each macro and micro work.. the speed to send signals and satisfy our needs-how they make hormonal responses and to understand how cultures have influenced with how we make our choices.. It is not our fault!

How to use sugar and fiber.. when and how.. to teach your body to listen when you eat.. so you can really stop when you are full or a little before..

But my most sincere goal on this course is to teach you to listen how food is not an emotional investment.. which i also have a book here; "How to do Magic?" because i really care about health and fitness and understanding our emotions and the way we cope with things out of our awareness...



I been into fitness since I was 11...

But trying to look good since before that, because I knew my mom used to be a model, I wanted to be one, so I workout with my mom before age 11, the age my life change because I had the car wreck.

Then, since age 11

I been having to learn to cope with my emotional traumas from the changes in my look. The accident that stopped me from growing as a confident kid or from feeling enough or worth to be loved..

Learning what I have to teach you became my why to live..

I do not want you to think I know everything..

Because I am always so surprised how there's always new things coming up.. or how we can get better ways to explain!

I want fitness to be a process you enjoy..

I know we all love to see the end product but believe me.. ThERES ALWAYS A BETTER ONE..

i do not see this as a destination but as a journey.

yES! i DID BIKINI COMPETITIONS... but before 2018, I was back in the struggle...

My body didn't look as good and I hated not being content with myself after thinking losing all the fat was going to do the trick..

The time it took me to get the results also got my mindset...

Because I could not have got the results without getting the mindset....


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