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This is how training is exciting!


Let me give you a little bit of my background.

I been a personal trainer for almost 7 years, but I been training since I was a child.

Exercise has been part of my life since I was a kid. Some how I always vision myself as an athletic person. I did not play sports as I would love to. I did not have that push a kid sometimes need.

I became an exercise fanatic.

No idea of what I was doing, but I knew I was going to have the body of my dreams when I grow up.

Not knowing what the body of my dream was, so I thought flat abs and more legs.

I have slowly learning what is my ideal body and how to build it up. I never care about genetics and until this time, genetics are not on my concern.

I started studying exercise science. I wanted to be a physical therapist (somedays I still think that is what I want), but I move my career, as I have millions other times.

I was paralyzed, and from this experience is how I have learned about transforming our body.

This is my bias.

I struggled from not knowing the right information. Since a kid before age 14, I been into learning about this. Before internet, magazines and tv shows were my source of information, plus paying attention to fit people's behavior.

I did have therapy to walk again :)

I still remember as I was living it, when I ran and jump for my first time.

I was 11 years old so my recovery was faster (partial recovery), because I wanted to play with other kids. It was me on the window watching all of my cousins (30+) playing soccer outside my grandma's house.

Then, from all my experiences I develop several stages of eating disorders. My family did not know it! I thought it was normal. I like food!

I learned about conditioning! a dog would salivate at the sound of the bell!

I understood my uncontrolled eating behavior was because of how I had conditioned myself to behave. We do conditioning all day long. Things that hurt us once sometimes prevent us from moving forward because we tend to run away from pain.

I do not think conditioning is a bad thing.

I think we can actually make it work for us, but this is something that needs from our attention and this is how muscular activation works.

I became fascinated with learning! Every class I chose during my undergrad was to understand learning. How can we speed up learning. what are the limitations? why?

This is how I understood that we are not dumb just because we think or someone say it to us (if you never had no one telling you, good for you), but I understood that it was the chemical reaction that we were unconsciously doing wrong.

This firing rate! takes a lot sometimes because our muscles are not activated.


When thinking of losing weight aka fat or building muscle, I want you to focus on how can we teach our body to learn!

Burning calories is a completely insane myth!

Calorie surplus (like if it was that easy)..

Our body's thermostat won't allow anything out of place. We can't change our body just because we want to. We have to work with it. We have to learn to adapt.

I know I lost my muscle strength from the neuromuscular damage I had, but my experience have taught me that we do not need accidents to lose muscular strength or activation. Our unaware habits do it all the time. They weaken areas that with time, they imbalance our body so we start having pain.

This pain hinders our motivation, strength and energy so we feel tired for no reason.

Then you all know..

Lifting weights burn more calories...

Going heavy is good for you and we think that is because it pushes our body.

Are we really pushing?

What if I tell you that a weight (load) is only reinforcing to change behavior. Our cell's behavior, because believe me, It is really hard to train our body.

If our body is weak, everything else in our body will be prone to change and not always in a good way.

Being afraid of eating, after enjoying food too much, taught me about mindset. We are associated creatures. Everything we do has a reason! scarcity! This becomes our behavior in life as well.

Dieting as exercising, it is about teaching our body to activate to feel and become aware.

The right information is important.

The time of receiving the right information is importanter..

This is why exercise isn't just about moving. It is about doing it at the right time (speed of movement).

Mindfulness is the goal in dieting and exercising to improve our learning efficiency.

Growing a muscle is about adding stress, this can only happen over time... If you as me, think about that booty..

Your progress is a never ending process!


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