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How many calories do we "burn" when we exercise?

To answer this question is important to explain how do we burn calories? You might already know it, but I still think basics are always points to keep in mind at all times. Different ways to explain can make the difference!

I am talking from my experience!

When I first thought about burning calories, I imagined the sweat coming off from my body. I associated “burning calories” as “hot”, but later, I discovered, it was a term given to a calorie deficit. Our body gets rid of calories when we consume less calories than our body’s calorie requirement. If we build muscle if will get rid of fat.

For example; our body requires 2200 calories (females) to stay sane (to make all metabolic communication), so to lose weight you might start eating 1700 to create a 500 calorie deficit which equals 3500 per week=1lb of fat. You can also create a deficit by being more physically active. It puts you in an average of 300 calorie deficit.

But how many calories do we truly burn or expand?

The amount of calories we expand is not determined by what exercise we do or how much we exercise, not even how many calories we eat. Because every nutrient has a different metabolic work!

Losing calories (burning, expanding), comes to how well we move. Running might burn more calories but it depends of the persons muscular activation that will determine if it really burns calories or if it only adding stress on the body. When the body is stressed, there is not calorie expenditure. Our body to protect us from stress, saves up all calories we have. Food or heat is comfort for our body.

Stress comes in many forms: dieting for so long, exercising too much, previous injuries, food poisoning (eating more of one nutrient than the other), restarting calories, restricting macros, lack of sleep, lack of rest and not enough recovery between workouts or sets.

-It is important to listen to our body when wanting to maximize results and minimize work to get long term results.

-it is also important to keep the body relax!

-Our body wants to know it can work so that it can pushes us to focus better.

-The tension we want to create comes from all movements all together!

-See your plan as whole and not only as one exercise or one day of training.

-Stop burning calories and start gaining results!

- Get strong!


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