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How to take care of ourselves?

I do not want to tell you what to do and what not to do?

instead i want to share with you the information that help me,

it saved my sanity and set me free!

We normally think of this like exercise and eat healthy! What if I tell you that exercise and healthy eating does not make us healthy?

lets define exercise and lets define healthy!

What exercise are they referring to? and how does that contribute to health?

What truly motivates a person to want to exercise? and how can we keep this motivation?

Reading about how our body is affected with binging, it says that what it gets affected is the endoplasmic reticulum and the only thing that can heal this damage is physical activity aka exercise.

So what is the endoplasmic reticulum then?

The endoplasmic reticulum is a network that its main function is to produce cells. They function in the synthesis, folding and the modification of proteins.

Proteins are compounds of enzymes, hormones and antibodies.

when i found out of this, I realized 2 things:

-Exercise was referred to physical activity aka moving!

-Binge eating was referred to eating more calories than our body needs to use (overheating our body). Eating more than our body’s needs is truly impossible because our body rejects food once it has its requirements. More food is not the problem of gaining fat!

Our body has to move to use energy and the effect that our body has on our health with binge eating is the same as if we ate more calories over time with no physical activity. We can eat and undo the trauma by walking, but the amount of fat gain and reservation of lean muscle mass is what makes this equation hard to solve...

Binge eating isn’t really a problem..

This is why a lot of the time we are afraid of eating more calories on one meal and we are afraid of choosing higher calorie products on our diet.

Calories burned with physical activity isn’t necessarily accurate.

2 persons running do not burn (use) the same amount of calories because the calories expand according to the person’s mechanics more than any other characteristic (weight, height, gender, age).

What's health?

The father of medicine refers to this as a humorous fluid. humor in biology is known as balance and harmony. Hippocrates also said that this balance is best achieved controlling our calorie intake and eating less calories.

But let's not forget that our body has requirements to function so we need to understand the function in our body.

Our body

This is the magic of the body. It’s really there to protect us. Everything it does is to maintain life.. All reactions are to keep the energy and conserve the heat our body needs to keep everything in our body working and maintain life.It has lots of resistance and it is to protect us.

Eating less than our body needs is not the only equation we have to solve this problem because like I said before, our body needs a certain amount of calories to perform and without performance, calories eaten cant be processed, expanded or can't create a deficit to keep temperature not cold, but not hot. We want the medium temperature to keep a humorous fluidity.

Moving aka physical activity is not always possible! Because there's also pain! How would you deal with pain if pain sometimes prevents us from moving?

Here's where strength comes in place. When our body is strong, it has no pain.. Because the real definition of strength is a repeated connection that gets stronger with time.

The problem with achieving strength isn’t to lift more weights but to connect diet to our performance.

We have macronutrients which are made of the calories our body uses to make that current.

Each macronutrient has different roles and this role is the communication.

BUT for communication to really happen…

We first have to have a balance..

Unfortunately, this balance can’t only be achieved with diet because our body loses its strength with age and if there is not enough strength, providing enough nutrients (vitamins and minerals) will be hard. We can add supplements, but again… for our body to keep consistency in diet (satiation) needs hormonal signaling that can only be achieved by transforming our body that helps us with cell restoration.

Decreasing fat while increasing lean muscle mass so that we can maintain the temperature, known as our body weight set point that maintains a happy environment.

Taking care of ourselves…

Is not about having a diet of healthy foods and low in calories>fat and carbs, or exercising to sweat..

It is about understanding the connection of eating and performing that will help us stay in balance. Then change can happen, but it will not happen if there is no balance!

Everything is a communication.. What we do and eat tells the body what to do…

Consistency is the repetition that increases the strength for the change to happen!


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