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What you have to let go if you really want to get fit?

Let’s say the definition of being fit is exponential. It has different meanings: it can be looking at a certain way or feeling a certain way..

What we know is that fitness is something we all want because it solves a lot of our problems... Starting by improving our sleep, digestion and getting rid of pain.. Here are the basic things you have to let go if you really want to be fit...

  1. Let go the idea of how breakfast, lunch and dinner should look like.. you can eat eggs at night or in the afternoon! Eliminate the allowance of meals at certain times.

  2. Let go the idea of certain foods making you run out of track. Yes, pizza doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight. The amount of calories you over consume over a period of time can make you gain weight if you’re not putting that energy in good use.

  3. Stop wanting to lose weight. I know, it might be your goal, but losing weight is an outcome we don’t really have control of. I know certain machines can estimate how much calories you burned, but it doesn’t necessarily mean is right. Simply, because the amount of calories we burn is determined by 1. Calories we consume 2. Our body’s efficiency 3. Movements (not activity).

  4. Let go what you know of discipline. I was once very disciplined because I wanted to reach my goal and guess what happened? It pushed me out of my goal. Because I wanted to transform my body changing who I was. There are many ways to get to your goal.

  5. Let go your goal. I know Goals are important to select our attention (teach us what to focus on), but many of the times, this same attention takes away our power to focus on what we are becoming on our journey. We ignore the meaningful progress.

  6. Let go your routine... don’t be boring! You can train in the morning, afternoon or night. We all have preferences but it’s okay to change. Research says is best at x time, but I think is best at any time as long as it gets done. If you change your rest day, so what! ? What matters is that you get it done baby!

  7. Let go the idea of wrong and bad foods! Doesn’t that give you a headache? Life is about balance. Eating enough nutrients to keep our body satisfied and keeping fun (variety) to keep our sanity.

  8. Let go eating in surplus to gain weight and in deficit to lose weight. Remember our body wants balance and it works best when we are focused on performance and not on our “goal”.

  9. Let go the need of motivation. If I wait for this one, I will not always get it, because I don’t compete. I work on my own wave, so instead; think of your therapy, your dose of medicine.. see it as your learning experience. Pay attention and see what that session can teach you!

  10. Lastly... let go the need of being in control! Our body does not need it. What ever that you are measuring isn’t always right we can only estimate, but that’s it. Be free and allow your body to not get fit, because you already are. Being fit is something like happiness you don’t pursue it. You live it.


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